May 26, 2018

Social media isn’t rocket science but when done right, it’s actually thought out and strategic. And thought out and strategic has a much higher chance of being effective and achieving your goals. It simply can’t be accomplished with a one size fits all strategy. Social media marketing and marketing, in general, requires quite a lot of research and analysis to understand your target audience and market.

So, when you come across a so-called “social media guru” handing out advice without having taken the time to know and understand the target audience or the market landscape, what you are getting is not only unhelpful but potentially harmful advice.

This so-called guru advice is not only harmful to a brand, but also to the industry as a whole. Here’s an example, Lawyers would never give legal advice without knowing the full picture. Just like accountants can’t give advice without knowing your full financial story. Have you ever heard of a doctor prescribing a treatment without testing first? Even public relations professionals don’t offer advice without understanding the landscape first. So why would a “one size fits all ” strategy work for every marketing situation?

We take lawyers, accountants, doctors and many other professionals seriously because they have to take the time to learn about our individual situations, then give recommendations. And they can do this only after having studied their trade for years.  Furthermore, unlike the guru, they stick around to implement and adjust the strategy if needed. That’s what real social media and marketing professionals do as well.

Remember that just because someone sounds like a guru doesn’t mean that they actually are one. Sounding like one and being are two completely different things.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king! 

A word of advice, anyone who tells you right away that they have the answers to your marketing problems without an in-depth analysis is lying to you! They are most likely only interested in one thing…  And the only thing they are probably good at marketing is themselves!


December 28, 2017

We’ve recently had the pleasure to be reacquainted with a client and a friend who has brought us back to RSMEDIA’s very beginnings. When RSMEDIA first started, Tony Zambito was one of our very first clients who entrusted us with the task of building him a website for his company at the time called Extreme Electrique. Tony has continued on since then and has now decided to start up a new electrician company for himself called A.Z. Electrique and he has called upon us once again to make him a brand new website. We are humble and grateful to have Tony back as a client and very happy that we were once again able to capture Tony’s vision and what he wanted to portray as a professional and to his customers.

We invite you to visit A.Z. Electrique’s new website in order to find out more on his specialized service for floor heating and the many more services offered. Trust A.Z. Electrique for all your electrical needs! We wish him and his team much success.


November 27, 2017


RSMEDIA has another heavyweight client under its belt and is thrilled to have partnered up with MMA heavyweight fighter Adam Dyczka! Currently undefeated in 6 KO fights, positioned 1st in Québec, ranked 2nd in Canada and is now scheduled to fight at the Bell Center, December 8th, 2017 in order to be the next MMA heavyweight fighter to hold the championship belt. RSMEDIA will be there December 8th to show our support and we are proud to announce the launch of Adam’s new website We are ecstatic that Adam has chosen RSMEDIA to design him a logo, video and website. It was a pleasure working with him and his team and deliver a knockout website that reflects his career and journey to get to where he is today. We wish Adam the best of luck in all his upcoming fights!


June 30, 2017

While your competition is on vacation, why not have us start work on your brand new website?

We handle EVERYTHING from content writing and photography to domain name registration and hosting and require nothing from you. This way when you come back from vacation you will have a leg up on your competition. Let us use your downtime to give you an edge, right when your competitors least expect it ! And right now is the best time for getting a website because we are offering a Summer Promotion for the month of JULY… Book us in the Month of July and we will even throw in a FREE month of Social Media Marketing

So relax, put your feet up and enjoy your vacation knowing we are working for you !!!

The Time is Now !!!

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