Stand Out
From Your Competition

If your business doesn’t have a professional online presence,
you’re already a step behind !

What if You Had An Advantage
Over Your Competitors?

We’ll take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses, and improve your own business performance.

Are You Running a Business
Without a Marketing Strategy ?

The business world is filled with sharks… If you are swimming without a plan, You will get eaten !

Are you Lost when it comes to
Marketing your Business ?

We are there to shed some light on your problems by providing a solution that your business actually needs.

Do You Need To Grow
Your Revenue?

We have proven solutions that will grow your revenue. We can show you how…

Trying to Do It All Alone ?
Eventually your business will Suffer

This is a common trap that many entrepreneurs fall into. While you may be able to maintain an insane work flow for a while,
What you do best will fall behind and eventually your business will suffer. Let us help you …

A Full Service Marketing Agency


RSMEDIA offers a complete range of Services, Everything from web design to graphic design. We can host your website and you can register a domain name with us. We will even help you develop your company’s brand with our branding solutions such as logo design and marketing tools such as social media marketing.

As a matter of fact we can even maintain your website with maintenance plans that make it easy and affordable to have a solid professional presence on a budget. RSMEDIA is your one-stop shop in east end Montreal for all your marketing needs.



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March 13, 2024

  Never before has a client so perfectly embodied the quintessential client that RSMEDIA seeks. Clients like these keep us going and fuel our passion for helping small business owners with an idea and a dream. It’s literally our modus operandi to maximize the buying power of the hard-earned marketing budget of the small business […]


It’s What We Do

We help businesses & organizations grow & develop by not only providing the tools they need to achieve their goals but implementing them in their daily operations.

Graphic Design

Looks matter and your businesses appearance can have a big impact on consumers.


Having a strong and consistent brand is the most important thing to marketing success.

Traditional Marketing

Just need a brochure and some business cards? We’ve got you covered.

Web Design

We design & develop responsive websites that align with your goals and business needs.

Online Marketing

With our online marketing strategy, Your website becomes the focal point for all your marketing efforts

Hosting & Domains

We host websites and we even register domain names.