A Brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization. Branding is about shaping that Perception

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Having a solid brand is the most important thing in achieving marketing success. It tells your potential clients who you are and what you bring to the table. It has to connect with them and has a very short timeline to make that connection.



When we create branding, we begin by listening to you, to discover what products or services you provide, how you provide them, and how it differs from your competition. We then perform extensive marketing research to understand your market and your competitors.



Our strategic plans motivate people because they are clear, credible, realistic and achievable. The strategic plan is devised in regards to your brand’s vision, values, project timeline and budget.



Your brand has to talk to the right person and that’s your prospect. Your brand also establishes your credibility. Your brand should deliver a clear message that connects with your prospect and motivate the potential buyer to take action.



In today’s online world, you only have seconds to establish a connection. We will find the right channels to propagate you brand and enable you to get the most of your marketing campaign.

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Your brand is the foundation of everything that your organization represents. Your logo is the visual representation of your brand. Basically, your brand is what your clients and prospects think, and feel, when they see or hear your brand name.


Branding initiatives don’t need to be multi-million dollar ventures. At RSMEDIA we always work within your budget so you can market your company in the most cost effective manner.


A coherent brand applies a personality to your organization, product, or service. Likewise It helps to make you more credible and attractive to your marketplace.

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Our Services

We offer branding services in Montreal such as Logo design, Retail Packaging, Digital Marketing and Marketing Collateral. While you are having a website created it can be a great time to refresh or launch a new brand.


Logo Design

We’ll design a memorable logo by integrating the values and your brand’s philosophy into your logo. An original and unique logo design will set you apart from your competitors.

Digital Marketing

Brands must be authentic to grow and thrive especially in this digital age. We offer social media branding as well as website and all other online services that may require branding.

Marketing Collateral

Common examples include: Sales brochures and other printed product information. Visual aids used in sales presentations, Promotional materials, Business cards, Letterheads etc.

Retail Packaging

People judge books by their covers. The way you present your product on the shelf is potentially your biggest opportunity to influence the sale. What does it say about the product? How does it look next to its competitors? We have a vast experience in retail packaging and can help you.