May 10, 2021


As many of you know, especially our regular clients who read these post announcements on our website, There are a few recurring themes. One of which is we like to have fun with the titles of the posts, we usually go for something purposely cheesy just for fun. The other one is where we thank our clients for having been a pleasure to work with as well as having put their trust in us for their project. Well I’m glad to say that this post is much of the same, Yes we had fun with this title, Yes this client was a pleasure to work with, And yes of course we are grateful for their trust in us. What’s different than usual this time is that we’ve discovered these unique dishes and simply fell in love with them. Everything from their Cheesy Bowls to their Floties are a beautifully flavored and like nothing you’ve ever tried before. We truly believe this South-West Montreal takeout eatery will quickly become a favorite in that neighborhood with many more Montrealer’s from the four corners of the island making a pilgrimage to enjoy one of their unique dishes.

On behalf of everyone here at RSMEDIA I’d like to thank Terence, Derek & Michael for being an absolute pleasure to work for. They couldn’t be nicer guys. We truly enjoyed this project and look forward to working with them again in the future! I’d also like to say that RSMEDIA is blessed to have such fascinating clients with such unique businesses and visons of their product. I say this in every post but RSMEDIA truly has unique clients. And these gentlemen are no exception. If you are in the area we highly recommend making it a Bonyard night.

Without further ado we present you the new website for Restaurant Bonyard