July 29, 2021


It’s always a pleasure for us to be tasked with bringing a longstanding business to today’s business reality. Meaning we love to create the tools required to succeed in today’s market. Every client’s needs represent unique challenges for us and Chaussures Bari was no different. But as our clients already know, We are all about taking on challenges. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done and leave the clients with big smiles on their faces.

But RSMEDIA isn’t only about producing quality work at unbeatable prices. We also pride ourselves with our after sales service. For us it isn’t enough to just hand over the “keys” to the client’s new e-commmerce website and just walk away. We literally took care of everything from A to Z including training the client on how to manage their new store.

We wish Mike & Nick all the success in the world in this new endeavor of online commerce.

So without further ado we’d like to present to you the new website for Chaussures Bari.


May 10, 2021


As many of you know, especially our regular clients who read these post announcements on our website, There are a few recurring themes. One of which is we like to have fun with the titles of the posts, we usually go for something purposely cheesy just for fun. The other one is where we thank our clients for having been a pleasure to work with as well as having put their trust in us for their project. Well I’m glad to say that this post is much of the same, Yes we had fun with this title, Yes this client was a pleasure to work with, And yes of course we are grateful for their trust in us. What’s different than usual this time is that we’ve discovered these unique dishes and simply fell in love with them. Everything from their Cheesy Bowls to their Floties are a beautifully flavored and like nothing you’ve ever tried before. We truly believe this South-West Montreal takeout eatery will quickly become a favorite in that neighborhood with many more Montrealer’s from the four corners of the island making a pilgrimage to enjoy one of their unique dishes.

On behalf of everyone here at RSMEDIA I’d like to thank Terence, Derek & Michael for being an absolute pleasure to work for. They couldn’t be nicer guys. We truly enjoyed this project and look forward to working with them again in the future! I’d also like to say that RSMEDIA is blessed to have such fascinating clients with such unique businesses and visons of their product. I say this in every post but RSMEDIA truly has unique clients. And these gentlemen are no exception. If you are in the area we highly recommend making it a Bonyard night.

Without further ado we present you the new website for Restaurant Bonyard


January 27, 2021


Strong client relationships are the backbone of RSMEDIA. The shift towards remote business relationships is a growing trend that will only continue to rise in this global economy. But it does present a unique set of challenges for those working remotely with clients. Building the trust that those relationships require can be challenging.

When we were approached by our latest client Williams & Croft (Toronto) to design their branding and website, We knew we were right for the job despite them being located in Toronto and us in Montreal. It was a challenge we gladly accepted because we have experience working with long distance clients and also clients from the financial sector. What we didn’t know was how pleasant it was going to be to work David Croft and Vicky Williams. They couldn’t be nicer people and really facilitated our job by giving us “carte blanche” to perform our work.

Usually the biggest challenge is building enough trust quickly so that we can focus on our work and the client on theirs so as to not waste time, energy and money and ultimately the project’s value. But in this case David was very clear from the start that he trusted us and our work 100% and actually made us feel great about undertaking this project.

From the get go when we started designing their branding, we soon realized how amiable they were going to be to work with and this harmonious relationship continued through to the website. David Croft and Vicky Williams couldn’t be nicer people to work with and they really facilitated our job by giving us “carte blanche” to perform our work. We couldn’t be happier to have worked with such professionals in the insurance industry once again proving that this type of long-distance client relationship not only can work, it can even flourish if the partnership is right.

On behalf of everyone here at RSMEDIA we’d like to thank David and Vicky for entrusting us with this wonderful project. We couldn’t be happier to have worked with such nice people and the next time we are in Toronto we’ll have to drop by and say hello!

So without further ado we present you the new website for Williams & Croft


January 7, 2021


If there’s one thing we can say here at RSMEDIA is that it’s never mundane. We get clients from all walks of life and from such varied industries. Mount Royal / Walsh is no exception. We are positively thrilled to have been given the opportunity to create their new website. In these times of worldwide pandemic it can be challenging to work with clients but we never back down from a challenge and this website was a pleasure to create. This because the folks at Mount Royal / Walsh were a joy to work for. They basically gave us “carte blanche” for this project and so we got started right away due to a tight deadline which was important to them at the time and that we respected of course.

On behalf of everyone here at RSMEDIA I’d like to thank Giovanni for being so affable and easy to work with. Also I’d like to thank Mr. Wayne Hynes for putting his trust in us to work for such a well respected entity in the marine community. We truly enjoyed this project and look forward to working with them again in the future!

So without further ado we present you the new website for Mount Royal / Walsh


October 7, 2020

It is with much pride and delight that RSMEDIA announces the launch of our latest website for Oh! Lunettes Opticians. The new site features a modern design, improved functionality, Our design is more modern, intuitive and with this new look, we wanted to make the user experience as simple as possible. We believe we achieved this and we had great pleasure in creating this website for Caroline who is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet ! And it’s just as well because this was one of the websites we created during the pandemic and with all the logistic difficulties this presented, Caroline couldn’t of been more accommodating. So a big thank you to her and everyone at Oh! Lunettes. We look forward to working with her again in the future!

We’d also like to thank our Photographer Jean Sébastien Senecal who did a great job as always. We insist on using him any chance we get because his skills are such an important part of what we do.

So without further ado we present you the new website for Oh! Lunettes Opticians