Are Business Cards A Thing Of The Past?

December 12, 2013

Having been involved in graphic and web design for over a decade now I can assure you the business card is still a much needed asset. However the self promotion and marketing of a company has gone well beyond just meeting someone and giving them your card,

It will always start there but today its seems there are much more options out there and yes Smart Phones are very common these days but not everyone uses a Smart Phone and not all phones talk to each other equally despite all the information exchange apps out there where all you need to do is bump phones and your info is transferred from your phone to another instantly provided they are compatible. When that happens then the business card will start seeing its demise, but until then it will be around for a lot longer still.

Not only are business cards an inexpensive way to market yourself and your business at live events, if designed well a business card can say much more about you than you might think. Business cards can provide something the digital space cannot: the experience of holding and touching something. We learn just as much through what we physically feel as through what we see. The more senses you can touch with potential customers, the better your chances of having them remember you.

A business card does that in a way a “tweet” or “like” never could. When I meet someone new at a professional event, I am not going to hand over my cell phone or tablet for them to see my website or Facebook page. I am going to give them a business card. It’s small, neat, tidy and most important it’s simple. Something tangible for them to take away. The business card is a personal expression of identity, it’s tough to be unique on LinkedIn and other sites that recycle the same templates for every user. A business card, particularly a creative one, “is the first marketing effort” you make with clients, partners, and colleagues

Some say the business card has a secret “lo-fi” strength that no technology can replace. The day business cards are obsolete is the day no phone rings.