September 24, 2020

With a second wave of this pandemic looming, And the soon to be stay-at-home orders around the country. COVID-19 is teaching us some hard lessons, and the businesses that learn quickly are those that’ll stay afloat. These measures are quickly transforming our cities into eerie ghost towns. Recently the government had shut down most nonessential businesses, and the few left operating had to survive with little-to-no foot traffic. Now with a second wave on the horizon, will your business resist?

While your business might have been the go-to choice for many of your clients before, it now needs to adapt to the impacts of the coronavirus. Now, small businesses must compete for sales in a completely new environment: the digital world.

In the digital landscape, your business can thrive amidst social distancing orders and mandatory store closures. An online presence empowers you to engage customers, make revenue, keep workers employed, and ultimately keep your business alive – pandemic or no pandemic.

An online presence is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a need-to-have.

Businesses who had an online presence before COVID-19 already had an astronomic advantage. Because while your storefront may have been complete with a wonderful display of your products and the friendliest of staff, that didn’t really do you any good if you were closed. This is where the importance of having a quality website comes into play. The beauty and presentation of your storefront needs to be translated into a website that represents the style and values of your brand. Additionally, just like how customer service is a top business priority, a proper professional website is intrinsic to the experience of your browsers. Most importantly, you want to take advantage of any sale you can get. Showing your customers that despite our global state you’re still operating business as usual on your website with another way to secure a purchase. And in a world with ample competition, you’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity you get, because if you’re not online to grab that sale, your competitors most definitely are.

This might be the perfect time to begin with e-commerce for your business.

COVID-19 proves that every business needs an online presence. Whether you like it or not, the world (even without the coronavirus) was already becoming more connected digitally than it was physically. A digital presence is essential to staying relevant and connected to your customers even if you don’t sell goods online. You will need to future-proof your business by establishing yourself online. It will not only help you through this pandemic, but it’ll also forever improve the way you engage with your customers in real-life and digitally. Even if COVID-19 hasn’t affected your brick and mortar business personally, it will in the future as its drastic effect on consumerism continues to heavily favor the rapidly expanding platform of online businesses.

There is no need to become another sad statistic of yet another closed business. We understand that businesses are trying to navigate through a very tricky time and we want to help.

We are there to help you every step of the way both:

Financially: We offer the option of paying in several payments with no interest.

Technically: We stay on to help for as long as you need us. You are never left alone and have our support and expertise when you most need it.

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July 13, 2020
According to Research, 59% of adults age 65 and older are online, and 46% of those adults are using social media.

Despite the myth that older people can’t manage technology because of cognitive deficits, seniors are flocking to social media at a rapid pace. In fact, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (and Hangouts), Pinterest, and Instagram all note higher adoption rates among adults 65 and older ─ and see seniors as their fastest growing audience.

Seniors Benefit Socially, Mentally, and Physically

Older adults who have had positive experiences on social media have reported elevated moods. An American Psychological Association (APA) study found that seniors who spend time on social media sites were more likely to participate in activities that can lead to greater health, such as cooking healthier recipes, and finding easier ways to clean and maintain their homes. The study also indicates that they have lower blood pressure and fewer instances of diabetes, and less negative health habits such as smoking, depression, or disease. This is attributed to the ability for self-education on any number of topics, and remaining in-the-know about the latest technology trends.

Social Media Keeps the Family Together

Facebook is particularly useful for linking up with loved ones. It makes for more frequent conversations and helps close the generation gap. Sharing current photos allows seniors to see their grandchildren change and grow, and creates a closeness and involvement that may not have existed, especially if the family isn’t living close by. Video chats also are a great way to communicate in “real time”. There is also the opportunity to relive fond memories or create new ones through postings of photos and home videos.

Family Peace of Mind

When a family lives apart, there can be stress and anxiety on both ends. Social media allows seniors and their families an easy way to check in as often as they wish. This is especially important if the senior is living alone and may experience ill health, a fall, or may not be eating or sleeping well, taking medications, or getting any form of exercise. Family caregivers can use social media to ask critical questions that will let them know what’s occurring in their loved one’s life.

Community Engagement and a Sense of Belonging

Feeling connected is very important to any senior’s wellbeing. Social media allows the senior to make plans with others to meet up outside of the home. It also allows seniors who are unable to leave home to socialize online to combat loneliness.

Shopping Online offers Convenience and Savings

Even if a senior can’t venture out of the home – due to physical limitations, inability to drive, or inclement weather, for example – he or she can always shop online and enjoy the ease of home delivery. In addition, there are lots of money-saving coupons and online sales, which can be especially convenient and sensible for those who are penny-pinchers or on a fixed income.

Some Precautions Should Be Taken

As a caregiver, you may want to monitor the senior’s activities. You may want to make sure that the loved one is not falling for phishing scams and the like. You may also want to make sure they are connecting with trustworthy people – especially if they are conversing in chat rooms and through blogs. Also watch their monetary spending – you don’t want your senior overspending on items they don’t need.


May 13, 2020

If you are looking for pre-made face masks in the stores, you’re probably having a hard time finding them. So why not make them at home? Making your own face mask will save you money and it can be washed to be re-used, thus reducing waste. Download this template for instructions on how to create a protective mask from an old t-shirt, and a cutout to guide you through the process. No sewing is required! This is a facial mask model that anyone with a pair of scissors can make.

Keep yourself, your family and those around you safe while we go through this COVID-19 together.

This downloadable template includes instructions and steps for making your own face mask out of an old t-shirt, plus a cutout to guide you through it.



March 28, 2020

As government and public health officials take aggressive action to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly every individual and organization now feels the impact. The coronavirus pandemic indicates a need for a big shift toward how people accomplish daily activities and do business. That “shift” has been the online world. Never before has online marketing been so important to businesses. And while marketing budgets may appear to be an easy target for businesses looking to make budget cuts. A cut in marketing activity is a short term fix that is sure to have long term consequences. Maintaining visibility in your market is essential for long term profitability and continued investment.

Here are a few things your business should consider doing .

1. Connect With Your Customers on Social Media During a Critical Moment
We’re all dealing with the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on our lives whether you’ve tested positive or not. We’re all taking precautions. We’re locked in our homes and our kids aren’t in school. We can’t visit our friends. We can’t eat at our favorite restaurants or go out to the movies. Sure, all minor conveniences but stressing nonetheless. This is a time to really show empathy to others and help out where you can. This is a time we all need to be sensitive — and not too salesy or pushy — but it’s a great opportunity for your brand to stand out during a difficult time. More people are on social media now while stuck at home, scanning for updates and trying to stay connected in a suddenly isolated nation.

2. Make Sure Your Business Can Be Found Online
In case you haven’t noticed, more people are online right now than in their cars or walking the sidewalks. Search traffic has increased significantly over the past week and will continue to climb as we hunker down. We’re all glued to our computers and phones looking for updates within our community. We’re also looking for entertainment and ways to pass the time. For many, that includes shopping online.

Anything online right now will be consumed more than ever before. This is not the time to be hidden online. You should be using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to climb to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) so your business can be easily found. This is not a time for a business to go into a shell and poke out your head every few days to see if the sun has come out.

3. Prepare Your Business For the Bounce-Back Surge
As we noted in a previous post, the coronavirus outbreak should fade (just as it has in China) after a few months. That’s when normalcy returns and consumers’ spending habits stabilize. You have to remember that SEO is more of a long-term strategy. What you do today for your SEO campaign will affect your organic search traffic two months from now. Pausing your SEO campaign now could have a detrimental impact on your revenue potential two months from now when the coronavirus starts to become a distant memory.

4. Unique Circumstances Provide Opportunities for a Special Offer
During this uncertain time period, you have the opportunity to show support for your customer base by offering special discounts that will keep your revenue flowing. Identify your product-market fit and create a special offer. Many people are at home browsing, looking for discounts to save money during a time of unrest. It’s a great way to engage with your customers and keep a steady stream of revenue that will keep your doors open. You can push out your special offers through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and social media.

5. Local SEO is now More Relevant; So Are Your Online Reviews
We’ve all reduced our travel and are staying close to home. In the rare times when we do leave our house, we’re looking for nearby destinations for services and supplies. So you want to make sure your business is using local SEO strategies to optimize your website for “near me” searches. You want customers in your geo region to be able to easily find you online so they turn to you first. At a time when we’re all looking for more convenience, this gives your business a chance to provide assistance during a critical time for families.

6. Be Prepared to Pivot as a Business and Inform Your Customers
In a fluid situation, your business should also be fluid. This is a time that you should find ways to connect with your customers like never before. It shows empathy and keeps you relevant at a time when your business may have been impacted by people staying at home. For instance, restaurants are shutting down right now because customers aren’t dining in. You should make sure you’re offering free delivery services. Also, let your customers know you’ve increased your sanitary practices and how you’re doing that specifically.

But other businesses should pivot right now, too, as we stay in. Gyms have closed their doors in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but why not offer online workout classes right now? Dentists could offer online consultations. Grocery stores should offer free curbside pickup. All of these opportunities can be boosted with strategic social media campaigns.

7. Don’t Fall Victim to the Panic Move
How much toilet paper do you have at your house right now? If your answer is a closet full, you’re likely one of the people who flocked to the store when the coronavirus hysteria started to accelerate over the weekend. That’s not how you want to react if you want to implement a smart digital marketing strategy. You never want to make a panic move. You always want to use metrics and analyze all of the data you have available before making a decision.

Knee-jerk reactions usually don’t end well in digital marketing. Think carefully when reacting quickly to a sudden shift in the economy or market.

8. Use this Down Time to Finish Your Digital To-Do Lists
Now that you’re not commuting to the office or taking in-person meetings, your schedule has likely freed up some time for you. Those marketing items that may have fallen through the cracks and been overlooked can now be addressed.

Perhaps your website needs a fresh look with a redesign. RSMEDIA’s website design team can overhaul your website all while working remotely.

If you have any questions about how RSMEDIA’s full-service digital marketing agency can help your business grow, please contact us online or call us at 514-258-5112.


September 24, 2019

Fast client response time is no longer optional. If there is a problem with your product or service, your customers expect you to resolve it immediately.

Few companies meet these expectations.

A recent study found that customers want responses from companies on social media within four hours, while the average response time is 10 hours. This is not a minor irritation for your customers: it directly affects your profits. A study on Twitter showed that customers are willing to pay nearly $ 20 more for their future tickets when airlines respond to their tweets within 6 minutes.

And it’s not just an isolated data point either. Studies have shown that consumers reward businesses that respond to customer inquiries and complaints. A strong and engaged presence in social media marketing will help you satisfy your customers and keep your public image positive.

A strong presence on social media builds and strengthens brand loyalty.

A recently released report found that brands with active social media profiles have more loyal customers. It’s easy to understand why: When you engage the public on social media, you create connections and relationships. You take the time to provide your subscribers with useful information, help and entertain them, without asking for anything in return.

It shows customers that you value them, not just as a source of income, but as a person. Customers will begin to see you as an entity that cares about them, has values, a personality and a vision. And in a competitive market, it can make a huge difference.

But you have your job to do. How can you do this and manage your company’s social media accounts? Fortunately, you do not have to fend for yourself. There are many solutions such as recruiting an agency that will not only create engaging content for social media on social networks, but will also be able to answer the various questions your customers may have. RSMEDIA does both by engaging your audience and keeping them interested in your brand.