November 22, 2022

Great opportunity to share the holiday spirit with your customers and thank them for their trust in you over the past year by sending them a greeting card.


July 30, 2022

Being a small entrepreneur in Quebec has always been a big challenge. Almost 60% of companies close their doors before they are five years old. Even so, entrepreneurship continues to expand and contribute to economic growth: In 2018, small businesses contributed 37.5 % to gross domestic product (GDP) generated by the private sector, while the contribution of medium-sized businesses was 14.4 % for a combined total of 51.9 %. The contribution of large businesses was 48.0 %. As you can see small and medium-sized businesses are actually responsible for more than half the total income of lf of Canadian families.

At the same time, this very expressive segment has been the most affected and most threatened in the last two years due to the pandemic, for not having a working capital capable of sustaining their operations in a scenario of economic crisis.

Despite these hardship, small and medium-sized companies are circumventing the crisis with creative solutions like getting their business online with an e-commerce website and marketing themselves through various social media channels and countless other creative means. At RSMEDIA, we’ve successfully helped numerous small businesses survive through various methods. One way is by effectively devising a marketing campaign through these channels that surprisingly requires a relatively modest marketing budget, Our clients can pinpoint their target audience in a very cost effective manner. And in today’s context it’s literally been a blessing to many small businesses and ensured their survival.

But many local legendary and beloved small businesses didn’t survive the last couple of years and this has caused many local consumers to stop and reflect on their consumer habits. Many came to the realization that it’s the small businesses that are the heart and soul of our community. Not the globalist corporations and their shareholders who don’t care about the well being of you or your community. Many consumers are coming around to that realization and have started changing their consumer habits by buying from small family owned businesses because it’s the right thing to do. 

Supporting this process in terms of consumption, so that everyone comes out stronger in these troubled times, is essential.

By consuming products and services from small and medium-sized businesses, we contribute to the support of the families of entrepreneurs and their employees. We also favor the maintenance of jobs and contribute to our local economy. It is a paradigm shift that could change our consumption style, even after this crisis.

Big corporations remain structured to overcome any crisis and are consolidated, with their financial power and political influence, as we saw during the pandemic, they were the only ones allowed to remain open. 

Small and medium-sized businesses are the ones that really impact our communities, neighborhoods and municipalities. They are the ones who, for the most part, employ people from your city, maybe your neighbors, your friends and even your family members. Ultimately, they are literally what makes our economy run.

So the next time you’re looking for a pair of shoes or craving a good meal, Why not order online from a local business and help keep them alive. I guarantee you that they will appreciate it more because for them, each sale contributes to their survival.

In this way, you become part of the ecosystem that makes our economy run and is responsible for supporting the workers of that business and their families. People who, in turn, buy their children’s school supplies at the nearby stationery store, who use the restaurant next door, who buy their produce from a farm in the same region, keeping the economic movement linked to the place where we are located. Reiterating the obvious, you can never do too much (especially in the context of recent pandemic times) to reinforce simple gestures and consumer habits that support sall businesses, micro entrepreneurs and the self-employed, not only during the pandemic but even after the crisis is over:

Here are a few simple things you can do to help our local small business:
  • Promote and recommend small entrepreneurs on social networks.
  • Engage in the social networks of micro and small businesses
  • Positively rate small businesses in digital channels and brand reputation services.
  • Continuing to purchase products and services from the same businesses
  • Be understanding that the hiring clout of small businesses and self-employed professionals is limited, without forgetting how much they dedicate themselves to the quality of each product or service.
  • Finally, realizing our strength in the consumption process in relation to small businesses in this moment of economic downturn, is a form of contribution fundamental to the community.

Supporting small businesses is not just some sentimental romantic notion.

As previously mentioned, they account for more than half of Canada’s GDP and their survival is crucial to our economical survival. The next time you’re thinking of going to a big box store to buy something so you can save a couple of dollars (if that). Remember their faceless shareholders will be thrilled you did so. They can now buy another yacht while your son’s soccer coach’s business just went bankrupt. Who do you think contributes more to your community? The faceless shareholding yacht owner who doesn’t even live in your community? Or the local shoe store owner who coaches little league soccer and whose wife volunteers at the local old folks home?

Putting this concept into practice is essential to sustaining the economy, for all of us. It’s a simple matter of decision and attitude that is capable of producing a significant change in the lives of many people – including ours. 


July 23, 2022


For some reason our clients tend to be really nice folks. We are truly blessed to have such a client base. Maybe it’s because of our affinity with small businesses. Mary Aloisio and her husband Robert could not be any nicer. A true pleasure to work with from the moment we met them. When we meet clients like these, we can already predict their future success because of their work ethic, dedication and professionalism towards any endeavour they take on. We have no doubt that anyone who is served by Mary comes away with a positive experience. Mary’s business model of providing good quality affordable wedding dresses was something we at RSMEDIA could definitely relate to. Her bridal dress collections are truly beautiful and like Mary says “My goal is to make every bride beautiful on their big day.”

At RSMEDIA, we understand that when you start a business, it’s because there’s a passion inside of you. To be a small business entrepreneur means to always go the extra mile for your clients. This is why the title of this post is ” RSMEDIA found the perfect marriage with it’s latest website design”. It was clear to us that Mary has that passion to please each and every customer. We could relate because we are the same. And when that happens, the results will speak for themselves, we have absolutely no doubt of that.

Although Robes de mariée Aloisio has been around for a few years we felt that it was also great opportunity since she was getting her first website done to also refresh the company logo to move forward with a cohesive brand across all forms of marketing.

So without any further ado, We invite you to visit the new website !



If you any questions on how we can help your business, Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout and it will be our pleasure to chat with you on how we can improve your business.


June 11, 2022

Choosing the right web agency to create your company’s website is a task that must be given great importance. Indeed, this decision could have a great influence on the future of your company, because a well-designed digital strategy has the potential to make it grow very quickly.

To help you make the best possible choice, here are some tips that will help you choose the best web design agency for this task.


What is the best way to know if a web design agency in Montreal is able to design a website that meets your expectations and aligns with your tastes and goals? The answer is simple: take a look at the projects they have has done in the past. Do they pique your interest? A few examples of web pages can sometimes say a lot about the compatibility of a web agency’s style with yours.

For the sites that you like the most, push your investigation deeper into their portfolio. Don’t just visit the homepage. You want to see websites in action. Is there harmony between the different pages? Can you spot calls to action?

Your user experience should be enjoyable and you should be able to navigate the site instinctively.


Certainly, reviewing the web design agency’s portfolio is essential, but it’s even more important to look at what previous clients of the company have to say about them.

The reviews clients leave on sites like Google, and even Facebook can give you a good idea of ​​a web design agency’s demeanor, professionalism, and overall reliability. The ones that receive positive reviews should inspire confidence in you.

When a client has really enjoyed collaborating with an agency, he will not hesitate to recommend it. In this sense, you can even contact those companies that have taken the time to write a positive comment to obtain more information.


Although it is possible to do business with a web design agency located at the other end of the province, make sure that the one you choose has some experience working with companies in your area. This is important data, because the issues and interests of the public are very different from one place to another.

The socio-political context, cultural referents and lifestyles of a population are all aspects that, when known by an agency, allow it to create relevant content that will truly arouse people’s interest.


Digital marketing such as Social Media Marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, SEO support have become such an important part of any digital strategy. As well as having a good sense of branding and design.

So compare agencies based on their expertise in these areas. Select the one that can not only create your website, but also ensure that it is visited by as many Internet users as possible.

Also, make sure the agency can support you beyond the site launch.


In light of these tips, you are now equipped to make an informed choice. However, if you do not know where to start your search we would be glad to offer any any advice or answer any questions you may have. Combining experience ( 20 years ) and multidisciplinary know-how, our team will be able to offer you a professional service at a competitive price.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our web design services.


February 21, 2022


Over the years we’ve created websites for all sorts of businesses from a wide spectrum of industries. We’ve also worked with all sorts of people from all walks of life. And truly we love our clients and their diverse styles and requirements. It’s one of the things we love about our work. It’s what makes the job exciting because like Forrest Gump said in the movie “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you’re gonna get”..  And so when we met Viridiana to discuss her new website, we learned that she is an artist, choreographer and artistic director among many other things. We quickly understood there would be a kinship in the leeway we would have to experiment in the design because if anyone would understand would be her… After all, we were all from the same box of chocolates seeing as we were also former artists ourselves from another industry, which was the music industry. We quickly got to work and from the get go the creative sparks started to fly. We’ve worked in the past with other artists so we knew we were in our element.


We started by doing here branding and created a logo for her newly founded business called Viridiana Home Interiors. Once that was completed we then proceeded to create her website. We really wanted to showcase her and her creativity as an interior designer and in the end I believe we achieved it.

We invite you to visit the new website !



If you any questions on how we can help your business, Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout and it will be our pleasure to chat with you on how we can improve your business.