Long time RSMEDIA clients The Showmen have reached the Coda

August 26, 2020

It is with a sort of bitter sweet sentiment that we at RSMEDIA announce the launch of the new and last website for The Showmen. These classy gentlemen have been with us from our very beginning years ago when they entrusted us to create one of the several websites we created for them over the years. And every one was a pleasure to create because of the “carte blanche” they would always give us. We’ve always had a symbiotic relationship with them probably because of all of our musician backgrounds and so trust was never an issue. We actually go back a long way, and long before it even dawned on us to make websites when our own musical careers were our only focus and we hadn’t even imagined how happy we’d be doing something other than music. Yet here we are announcing your final website all these years later.

A 50 year musical career is a milestone meant only for the great ones and it’s with that sentiment that I (Robert Santos) and Frank Saragosa would like to thank you for not only being one of our oldest and longest standing clients but even more importantly for being our good friends for even longer. To any of our other clients reading this The Showmen were an institution, They were the bar by which all others in their domain aspired to reach. If you ever were lucky enough to attend an event hosted by them you’d know what I’m talking about.

We wish you the best of luck in whatever you wish to undertake now.

Special thanks to Robert Diodati and Mario Pampena for being the definition of a class act.
Big Hugs to you.
Robert Santos

Without any further ado, we present to you  www.theshowmen.com