RSMEDIA enters the financial world with its new client IMC Financial

March 23, 2018

Montreal’s authority on life insurance Ivan Cons teams up with RSMEDIA for a brand new website. We are delighted to have worked with Ivan in the creation of this website and its promotional videos which can be seen throughout the site. Ivan has been a real pleasure to work with especially during the video shoots. His Gung Ho nature really made our job a pleasure to do.

We’d also like to thank Jessica who has been indispensable throughout this entire project. We couldn’t have done it without her,  and hopefully, she will continue to contribute her assistance in the upcoming projects with IMC Financial.

RSMEDIA is proud of this partnership and is really looking forward to upcoming endeavors with such a reputed company led by a well-known Montrealer by the name of Ivan Cons.


IMC Financial Services is an insurance agency committed to providing financial security for you and your family.  We invite you to visit their new website IMCFINANCIAL.CA and learn more about their various financial products.