RSMEDIA found the perfect marriage with it’s latest website design

July 23, 2022


For some reason our clients tend to be really nice folks. We are truly blessed to have such a client base. Maybe it’s because of our affinity with small businesses. Mary Aloisio and her husband Robert could not be any nicer. A true pleasure to work with from the moment we met them. When we meet clients like these, we can already predict their future success because of their work ethic, dedication and professionalism towards any endeavour they take on. We have no doubt that anyone who is served by Mary comes away with a positive experience. Mary’s business model of providing good quality affordable wedding dresses was something we at RSMEDIA could definitely relate to. Her bridal dress collections are truly beautiful and like Mary says “My goal is to make every bride beautiful on their big day.”

At RSMEDIA, we understand that when you start a business, it’s because there’s a passion inside of you. To be a small business entrepreneur means to always go the extra mile for your clients. This is why the title of this post is ” RSMEDIA found the perfect marriage with it’s latest website design”. It was clear to us that Mary has that passion to please each and every customer. We could relate because we are the same. And when that happens, the results will speak for themselves, we have absolutely no doubt of that.

Although Robes de mariée Aloisio has been around for a few years we felt that it was also great opportunity since she was getting her first website done to also refresh the company logo to move forward with a cohesive brand across all forms of marketing.

So without any further ado, We invite you to visit the new website !



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