RSMEDIA is generating interest with its latest website launch!

January 27, 2021


Strong client relationships are the backbone of RSMEDIA. The shift towards remote business relationships is a growing trend that will only continue to rise in this global economy. But it does present a unique set of challenges for those working remotely with clients. Building the trust that those relationships require can be challenging.

When we were approached by our latest client Williams & Croft (Toronto) to design their branding and website, We knew we were right for the job despite them being located in Toronto and us in Montreal. It was a challenge we gladly accepted because we have experience working with long distance clients and also clients from the financial sector. What we didn’t know was how pleasant it was going to be to work David Croft and Vicky Williams. They couldn’t be nicer people and really facilitated our job by giving us “carte blanche” to perform our work.

Usually the biggest challenge is building enough trust quickly so that we can focus on our work and the client on theirs so as to not waste time, energy and money and ultimately the project’s value. But in this case David was very clear from the start that he trusted us and our work 100% and actually made us feel great about undertaking this project.

From the get go when we started designing their branding, we soon realized how amiable they were going to be to work with and this harmonious relationship continued through to the website. David Croft and Vicky Williams couldn’t be nicer people to work with and they really facilitated our job by giving us “carte blanche” to perform our work. We couldn’t be happier to have worked with such professionals in the insurance industry once again proving that this type of long-distance client relationship not only can work, it can even flourish if the partnership is right.

On behalf of everyone here at RSMEDIA we’d like to thank David and Vicky for entrusting us with this wonderful project. We couldn’t be happier to have worked with such nice people and the next time we are in Toronto we’ll have to drop by and say hello!

So without further ado we present you the new website for Williams & Croft