Web Design By Musicians

March 17, 2014

Musician or Band websites are a must for any artist aspiring to make it big-time. An official band website is a potent tool in marketing an artist. Websites serve as mediums that establish a potential fan’s first impression on the musician or artist. Musicians having their own websites command more attention from the public and record labels. A good musician or band website indicates a more professional image and projects the musician’s dedication to his/her craft. Also a musician or band website provides a more personal experience for the musician’s fan base, the artist can provide continuity with the other branding aspects of the artist.

For Musicians By Musicians
We are former musicians who have worked in various sectors of the music industry and can provide EXACTLY what is best for the artist. Creating a musician or band website involves a lot of crucial decision-making and work. Decisions can be regarding how the website will look like vis-a-vis the image of the artist, or regarding other promotional materials, Or even the content delivery, etc. These are all things that directly affect the image of the artist and so musicians will often hire website designers to have a competitive website but in order to understand what an artist or band needs it’s simply not enough to be a web designer, You have to have an acute understanding of what is required by the artist and that can only come from having been in their shoes for over three decades.

One Stop Shop
We at RSMEDIA are proud to provide a one stop shop for any musician, artist or band interested in having a professional image. We provide everything from:

  • Web Design: including hosting, domain registration
  • Graphic Design: including band logo, posters, press kits etc
  • Photography: cutting edge photographer
  • Video: experienced videographer

Give us a shout and see the difference that our three decades of music industry experience can do for you !