10 benefits of a social media campaign for your business

September 10, 2015

A while ago I had written a blog post about Why having just a facebook page is not enough for your business !
And while that still remains true in the sense that having only social media as a marketing strategy will prove to be ineffective and yeild limited results, Having a well balanced markeing strategy that’s customized specifically for your business is truly the best strategy. In today’s world having a social media campaign tailored to suit your business goes hand in hand with having a website and other marketing tools that work together for you. Here are just 10 examples of how a social media campaign will help your business

10 benefits of social media campaign for business

1. Learn about your clients by simply using social media 
For years companies used to spend money on studies that helped them learn about their audience, Now with the help of social media you can easliy find out the vital statistical information about your audience that will help you get a better return on your marketing investment.

2. Target clients more effectively with a social media campaign
One of the tools that social media provides is called Geo-Targeting and with this you can target a specific demographic based on various specific criteria like location, age, language, gender, interests etc Therefore making you marketing efforts much more effective and cost efficient.

3. Social media helps find potential new customers and expand your clientele
Another tool social media provides is the ability to Geo-Search and what this means is say for example you are a restaurant in the neighborhood, You can locate anyone in your neighboorhood and reach out to them and invite them to try out your restaurant.

4. Receive valuable instant feedback from your customers’ perspective 
With social media your business is provided with instant access to feedback and insight on your product or services. Be it positive or negative time is of the essence when it comes to feedback and learning about your customers experience with your business.

5. Social media Improves your market intelligence and gives you an edge on your competitors
By monitoring social media streaming and your competitors, you can gain an edge of your competition by simply being on top of trends and demands of the general public.

6. Social media can help increase website traffic and search ranking
Social media should be used to direct people to your website where they can then act on a “Call to Action” weather it be to purchase something or find out in more detail about your product or company. And obviously the more social media traffic you get the better the serach engine ranking.

7. Share your information easier and faster with social media
Before social media, If you wanted to share information about your product or company you had to mail out newsletters or flyers and hope that it reached your target audience. Now sharing content through social media is a breeze and quite effective.

8. You can generate leads for a fraction of the cost with social media 
Much in the same way Google Ads can generate leads for you, Social media can as well and sometimes even more effectively because of the fact that it can narrow down more effectively the target audience than Google Ads.

9. Create coherent and loyal relationships with customers through social media
With social media you not only can but are encouraged to interact with your customers. Older forms of advertising such as newspaper or radio could never provide this.

10. You can increase your brand awareness with very little budget 
No other tradition advertising methods can even compete with the effectiveness and reach that social media can achieve with only a fraction of the costs. You can launch a brand with little costs compared to traditional advertising methods.

If your still not convinced, That’s alright … Your competitors will thank you. Remember that you don’t have to like social media to make use of it. RSMEDIA can propose a strategy for your company that will take away the anxiety and stress of launching a social media presence. Contact Us and It will be our pleasure to set up a Social Media Campaign that’s right for you and your business. You are only an email away from launching your own social media campaign.