Are you ready for Mobilegeddon ?

March 15, 2015

A year or so ago, we wrote on the RSMEDIA blog about how a responsive website would be beneficial, it’s a subject that’s been extensively covered all over the web and by now we should all know the benefits of having a responsive website, meaning one that transforms and adapts to all devices that can be used to view your website. That article focused primarily on aesthetics and functionality and how that translated into a better user experience and so on…

But now a more pressing motive emerges as a reason for your website to be “responsive” (mobile-friendly)

Are you ready for a Mobile Doomsday ?

The Google Webmaster Central Blog announced last week that Beginning April 21’st, Google’s algorithm that determines website ranking on their search engine will officially be factoring in mobile-friendly (responsive) websites in their ranking. Web designers have been frantically warning website owners for some time now because of the rise in mobile traffic which now accounts for over 40% of the overall traffic on the internet. We have been anticipating this because we knew it would only be a matter of time before Google implement these changes… It falls in line with their search engine philosophy. And now that time has come.

Furthermore Google adds to this announcement that proper SEO ( search engine optimization ) techniques will not be enough to protect your site from a fall in ranking and that this will likely impact a significant number of search results. For some , this will be catastrophic but you still have until April 21’st and if you were looking for a  really good reason to update your website , well this one is as good as it gets !

How do I know if I will be affected ?

One way is to use the Google Mobile friendly test to verify if your website is compatible. The other is email us your  website address and we’ll email you the results

If you are still unsure, give us a shout and we’ll help you out !


Robert Santos