Write what you Know.”

Mark Twain

Are Business Cards A Thing Of The Past?

Having been involved in graphic and web design for over a decade now I can assure you the business card is still a much needed asset. However the self promotion and marketing of a company has gone well beyond just meeting someone and giving them your card, It will always start there but today its seems there are much more options out there and yes Smart Phones are very common these days but not everyone uses a Smart Phone and not all phones talk to each other equally despite all the information exchange apps out there where all you need …
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How Responsive Web Design is Beneficial

First of all let us define what Responsive Web Design actually means. The word “responsive” refers to how you will be able to view a website when you are browsing from a laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone. Of course, when you access a page from your laptop, due to the wide screen you will be able to see the whole website without too much up and down scrolling…. However, when you are using a tablet or Smartphone, you will notice that in order to view a webpage, you will have to do a lot of scrolling and zooming, so …
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Flash Websites Are Dead

Adobe’s announcement that it will discontinue support for the Flash Player on mobile devices and instead focus its efforts on other web development programs that focus on cross platform applications is a positive move for them, But unfortunately, it may be a case of too little, too late. To understand why Adobe has found itself in this situation, you have to look at Flash’s history. When Flash was in its ascendancy, its main advantage was providing a consistent and rich user experience across desktop platforms and browsers. In other words it delivered ” eye candy ” that looked the same …
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Why enterprises require web development?

In today’s world, for a company to survive, it has to make its presence felt in the online market. This is crucial for a company’s growth and sustenance and also to keep away competition. The conveniences of online purchase are attracting more number of people to resort to online buying of services and products. Now that technology offers web based applications in a more easy and portable forms like smart phones and tablets, people’s preference have changed to using these applications for extracting information on various products. It comes of great help, especially when one is able to get the …
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