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Mark Twain

12 Social Media Errors that Companies Commit

Social media offers fantastic opportunities to companies who want to increase their reputation, create traffic to their website, generate sales and leads. Unfortunately, some brands still fail to understand social media and do not get the results expected. Today, I suggest you discover 12 social media errors that brands commit (and how you may be able to avoid them). 1. Having an inadequate or no budget A brand that does not invest financially in its social media program does not give itself the means to effectively use social media to achieve the company’s overall marketing objectives. If a few years …
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Why you don’t need an App

Almost each new web design customer we get is requesting that we make them an application. Applications are extremely popular nowadays, and that has never been more clear than when we converse with our customers about their online needs. They’ve heard they’re the heavenly chalice of marketing, however they don’t really know without a doubt. (In spite of the fact that it’s unmistakable from the application designer’s rates that they believe it’s a gift from the gods.) And something in your gut is telling you that applications, as with most supposed blessed chalices usually are more of a scam than a gift …
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10 benefits of a social media campaign for your business

A while ago I had written a blog post about Why having just a facebook page is not enough for your business ! And while that still remains true in the sense that having only social media as a marketing strategy will prove to be ineffective and yeild limited results, Having a well balanced markeing strategy that’s customized specifically for your business is truly the best strategy. In today’s world having a social media campaign tailored to suit your business goes hand in hand with having a website and other marketing tools that work together for you. Here are just …
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Are you ready for Mobilegeddon ?

A year or so ago, we wrote on the RSMEDIA blog about how a responsive website would be beneficial, it’s a subject that’s been extensively covered all over the web and by now we should all know the benefits of having a responsive website, meaning one that transforms and adapts to all devices that can be used to view your website. That article focused primarily on aesthetics and functionality and how that translated into a better user experience and so on… But now a more pressing motive emerges as a reason for your website to be “responsive” (mobile-friendly) Are you ready for a …
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If you build a website they will come!

“If you build a website they will come” ! This is a common misconception about getting a website done, Often as web developers we find ourselves in the awkward position of trying to explain that a website is just a tool albeit a vital tool for marketing. A client often imagines getting a website done and they are suddenly inundated with business and their promotional work efforts end there. Then we as web developers are left with the awkward task of trying to explain that a website is not a magical force that suddenly grants wishes, It is a tool …
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