Write what you Know.”

Mark Twain

Businesses Should Try to Stay Positive – It’s Going to Get Better

Our world is facing a very serious challenge with the spread of the coronavirus, but there is hope on the horizon. Businesses have been greatly impacted as the economy has taken a hit. Grocery stores have been left with empty shelves while restaurants are like ghost towns. As a business owner, you’re likely looking for ways to survive the wave that has Canadians shifting their budgets. If you’re following the constant news updates about the coronavirus, you’re likely wondering if we’ll ever be able to leave our homes again. But this situation isn’t going to last forever. And your business …
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Social media is the key to customer service

Fast client response time is no longer optional. If there is a problem with your product or service, your customers expect you to resolve it immediately. Few companies meet these expectations. A recent study found that customers want responses from companies on social media within four hours, while the average response time is 10 hours. This is not a minor irritation for your customers: it directly affects your profits. A study on Twitter showed that customers are willing to pay nearly $ 20 more for their future tickets when airlines respond to their tweets within 6 minutes. And it’s not …
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So you’ve met a social media guru !

Social media isn’t rocket science but when done right, it’s actually thought out and strategic. And thought out and strategic has a much higher chance of being effective and achieving your goals. It simply can’t be accomplished with a one size fits all strategy. Social media marketing and marketing, in general, requires quite a lot of research and analysis to understand your target audience and market. So, when you come across a so-called “social media guru” handing out advice without having taken the time to know and understand the target audience or the market landscape, what you are getting is not …
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It’s unthinkable to be in business in 2017 without a website

Why every business without a website is losing out! How many times have you driven by a business that peaked your curiosity and told yourself that when you got back home, (cause you couldn’t while driving obviously) you would look them up online to and find out more and see what they were all about . Only to find out that they have NO website!! There is a default Google maps listing for their business but no other information can be found. You suddenly become disinterested and move on to another similar business that showed up in your Google search …
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Why doing your own marketing is disastrous for your business

It never ceases to amaze me when I meet business owners who feel marketing is as an amusing hobby within their business duties. In one particular case I was told “I tried social media and I didn’t like it and anyways it doesn’t work, So why should I pay someone to do it when I can do it myself ! ”  So I decided to take a look and of course what I found were poorly thought out ads with horribly amateurish graphics that were obviously created by himself. But what this ” Do-it-yourselfer ” doesn’t understand is that basic …
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